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Castle of Donnafugata and Ragusa Ibla

Our tour will start from the Donnafugata castle, about 15 kilometers from the city. the current structure is a luxurious residence of 19th century nobles. the building covers an area of about 2500 square meters with a large neo-Gothic exterior, which welcomes visitors.

Immediately after we move to Ragusa Ibla, a place with 14 Unesco monuments. Ragusa Ibla, today district of the city of Ragusa, has its origins in the prehistoric period.

We will continue with a visit to Santa Maria delle Scale where it will be possible to admire the panorama that includes monuments such as Palazzo Cosentini, Santa Maria dell’Itra and Sante Anime del Purgatorio.

We will go to the public gardens where we will visit the entire central area of Ragusa Ibla up to the wonderful Cathedral of San Giorgio, in the heart of Ragusa Ibla, with an imposing facade full of sculptures.

Baroque excursion from Syracuse

As a first stop we will stop at the archaeological park of Syracuse.

In the archaeological area of Neapolis, the ancient heart of the city, there is the Greek Theater, equipped with excellent acoustics and home to oratory and theatrical performances, the Ear of Dionysus, an artificial cavity obtained from the extraction of the stone, is often home to highly suggestive summer shows.

You will also visit Ortigia, the source of Arethusa and you will have the opportunity to admire the wonders of Syracuse from the sea with a boat trip.

In the afternoon you will visit the town of Noto with its baroque decorations and palaces, tasting of almond or lemon granita.

Return to the hotel in the evening.

Etna and Taormina excursion

We will begin the excursion by visiting the Sapienza Refuge, a mountain refuge on the slopes of Etna at almost 2,000 meters high. It is possible to reach the highest part, (3000 meters) with a cable car and off-road service (extra paid service).

In the afternoon we will move to Taormina, a place of great charm. With sea and beaches and transparent waters in the area of ​​Giardini Naxos and Mazzarò, which can be reached by cable car, the other important beach is Isola Bella, a very small island located in the Bay of Taormina, connected to the mainland by a strip of land, visible at low tide. It is a protected natural oasis that offers unparalleled naturalistic views.
Do not miss a visit to Castelmola, the town of panoramas, and here a drink of almond wine will be mandatory and unforgettable in the famous Turrisi bar.

We will also take a walk along Corso Umberto I, the main street of the city, ideal for a little shopping.

Modica and Scicli excursion

The excursion begins by visiting Modica, a UNESCO-listed baroque city in the Val di Noto, known above all for the production of the typical Aztec-derived chocolate. Initially we will go to visit the majestic Cathedral of San Giorgio which houses precious paintings inside, symbol of the city of Modica, considered the symbol of the Baroque monument in Sicily.

We will also visit the church of San Pietro which is characterized by an imposing staircase, completed in 1876, on which are placed, on imposing pedestals, twelve statues of the apostles (called the “holy men”) that seem to accompany the visitor to the interior of the church . Which presents a style between neoclassicism and baroque.

Modica also offers the opportunity to visit various museums including: The Chocolate Museum, the Memory Museum and the Civic Museum.

We will continue our baroque walk moving to Scicli where, already on the bus, our attention will shift to the Church of San Matteo located on the homonymous hill, which dominates the city, the church of S. Matteo, the ancient Mother Church of Scicli, dedicated to the Apostle St. Matthew, patron of the ancient city.

Return to the hotel in the evening.

Excursion to Piazza Armerina and Caltagirone

The excursion will begin by visiting Piazza Armerina, an ancient town that still preserves works of art dating back to medieval civilization and the Roman period after Christ in excellent condition, before moving to the Roman Villa of Casale and Caltagirone.

The Roman Villa located in Casale in Piazza Armerina, is the most important archaeological discovery in recent years.

Caltagirone, city famous for the production of ceramics, born from the time of the ancient Greeks that will oblige you to admire the wonderful and scenic staircase of Santa Maria Del Monte of 142 steps that connects the old and new part of Caltagirone by bridging a difference in height of 50 meters .

The Staircase of Santa Maria Del Monte represents a real open-air museum because it traces a good part of the history of art and architecture.
Every year, in May, the Infiorata takes place, a tribute that the Calatini make to the Madonna. Thousands of vases and plants join the colored ceramics forming a riot that takes up the shades of the rainbow.

Portopalo and Marzamemi excursion

The excursion will begin by visiting Piazza Armerina, an ancient town that still preserves works of art dating back to medieval civilization and the Roman period after Christ in excellent condition, before moving to the Roman Villa of Casale and Caltagirone.

We will leave in the morning for Portopalo, with a stop of about an hour. Visit of the islet of Capo Passero, considered the southernmost point of all Sicily.

Capo Passero is easily accessible on foot especially if there is low tide, the path is rocky, but easily accessible, always and in any case “soaking” in the water.

The whole environment gives a feeling of desert, there are no large trees, indeed almost none, and the reddish sand makes the panorama very suggestive.

Leaving Portopalo di Capo Passero in a northerly direction towards Noto we will stop in Marzamemi, a fishing village where time seems to have stopped, quiet and sleepy during the day, lively and social in the evening. Marzamemi with its perfect, uncluttered, clear small center with a beautiful square, characteristic white alleys and terraces overlooking the sea has become the scene of the nightlife in the area.

Return to the hotel in the evening.